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If anyone who has booked and is showing Covid symptoms please let me know and withdraw while you isolate.



We recognise that not all of our walks are suitable for everyone, which is why there is a range to choose from as shown on each of the schedules below.  Due to the some of the hazards and difficulties involved in the more adventurous terrain encountered on the more strenuous walks we ask that you first seek guidance from the Leaders as appropriate.  Where there are anticipated difficulties or significant exertion involved we may recommend that some people do not take part on some walks, this will be on a walk by walk basis.  All the walks are subject to amendment and alteration depending on weather or other conditions outwith the organisers control.  The durations where shown have been based around Naismith's rule but may vary at the time of walking.   Finish times are an approximate return to Blairgowrie, however this cannot always be guaranteed and depends on where the walk takes place, the rate at which participants walk, meal stops and so on.


Some walks may occur on other days, until diaries settle down and synchronise away from the take it as it comes mode from the last few years.  Until then the degree of difficulty for each walk will be more like those of previous Thursdays.


Meet at the Wellmeadow Car Park in Blairgowrie Tuesdays to leave at 09:30, the walk fee for the Strenuous walks is 5 per person and for the Very Strenuous it is 8.  There are limited spaces on the Very Strenuous walks, some of which may depart earlier, and are often significantly harder!   Equivalent to Ramblers grade B+ upwards.

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The strenuous walks are usually at mid to high-level and may entail significant hill climbing and crossing very rough and steep ground in all weathers and conditions.  Routes will often be in 'complex' terrain.  Named or listed hill 'bagging' may be undertaken as well as more challenging days out.  Before trying one of the Strenuous or Very Strenuous walks, please come along on a Wednesday and/or Thursday walk first. 

Mid level and moderate:

Initially only one walk day per week and listed on the High Level Schedule Page

Meet at the Wellmeadow Car Park in Blairgowrie Thursdays to leave at 09:30am and there is a walk fee of 5 per person.   Equivalent to Ramblers grade C or B.  There were no mid moderate or Thursday walks in 2021.

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These walks are low to mid-level and do not entail any significant hill climbing, are usually mainly path and track based, and are graded Moderate.  This however cannot be guaranteed as some of the more interesting walks involve going over sections of rough muir and bog, with some fence and wall climbing.  Inevitably at this level of walk we will often be in farmland, with associated fencing.  Some minor hills will often be visited, also parts of the Cateran Trail.  Please note that the priority for spaces on the minibus on Thursdays is for those who are progressing from Wednesdays or find the Tuesdays too difficult.  If you do wish to take part in our walks, please come along on a Wednesday walk first.

Low level and easy health walks for most abilities, from around 45 to 90mins:

When walks restart the meeting place will be advised this is under review but it is expected that the costs will have to be increased.

Meet Wednesdays 09:15 for 09:30 with a walk fee of 5 per person, which pays for refreshments, use of the Town Hall and a bus.  Roughly equivalent to Ramblers grade E to D/C.  At least two grades of walk available every week, an easy and slow, and a faster version which is longer and faster for the fitter person needing a bit of a power walk.  There is also a free town based no bus option  depending on demand, but please phone in advance.  The starter and no bus walks are dependant on a walk leader and buddy or carer being available.  The walks usually return to Blairgowrie by around 12:00.  A loyalty card scheme operates on a Wednesday, do 10 walks and get 3 off the next.  The bus uses far fewer vehicles than if we took cars, and facilitates linear walks which you cannot do on your own!

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From 2004 to 2007 we partnered these walks with Live Active Leisure as the Stride for Life programme.

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