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Blairgowrie and District Next Steps




Moderate (Thursday) Walks 2020


The Thursday walks are a transition between the Wednesday walks and the full-on anything-goes walks on Tuesdays and other challenges.  They are conducted at a more leisurely pace and generally on easier terrain, though this cannot be guaranteed or foreseen.  Priority for places has to be given to those for whom the Tuesday walks are a step too far!


I will start re-planning things as the situation becomes clearer, and will update the schedule in due course.


Due to the Covid 19 pandemic with immediate effect our walking programme is suspended.  This will be kept under review and adapted as more information becomes available. 



12 March Macritch Hill NO270602 7.0 317 14:30
 8 March International Women's Day
Ben Gulabin
5.1 495 15:00 
5 March Lerg Plantation NO322626 6.5 320 14:30
27 February Mid Hill NO257656 7.4 273 15:00
20 February Hare Cairn NO242623 10.0 308 15:00
13 February Franklyden NO215300 9.4 238 15:30
6 February Moncrieffe Hill NO138196 9.7 349 15:00
30 January Mildewan Hill NO273627 6.7 236 14:15
23 January Rotmell Wood NO018452 9.3 400 15:00

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