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Be in the wilderness away from street lights for real.

Weekend (or any) camping resets body clock!


Wild Camping Expedition Schedule


The subs for overnight wild camping are £10, those for multi-day trips will depend on the route.

Distances, times, locations, etc are approximations, the difficulty is that of finding space for the expected number of tents.  While the weather may dictate what we do or not on an overnight camp, expeditions will be undertaken unless there is a continuous many day forecast for exceptional weather.  As with most events we may need to change destinations or durations at the last minute.  As always be prepared for all reasonably predictable circumstances.








Dep  Ret   dist asc


Bronze 1 night TBC  TBC  TBC


 ~12:00  8km 120m  NO027891
Silver  2 nights TBC  TBC  TBC          
Silver ?  2 nights TBC  TBC  TBC          

Gold ?

 3 nights TBC  TBC  TBC        



4 nights










 5 nights









Packing advice from Osprey    Food advice including links to some useful websites    Stoves advice

Camping expeditions are subject to the vagaries of the weather as are normal walks.  These trips are unlikely to be postponed unless there is a significant likelihood of really severe weather during the trip.  Because of the need to wait for a forecast as close to the start as possible in order to predict for the expedition duration, there is a possibility of a last minute change.  Any such changes will be posted on the website.




We have available for members use sets of specialist 'non-personal' camping equipment as shown on this link.  Though there will be a small charge for cleaning sleeping bags (currently £25) in addition to the appropriate walk subscription, which may vary depending on location, travelling or complexity of the expedition. 


Overnight expeditions will usually take place on a Monday afternoon and evening, returning Tuesday.  We will walk up to 3 or 4 miles in and return a similar way.  There will not be any significant laden hill climbing unless specifically advised.  The opportunity to be in the wild, without street lights or other distractions is not to be missed.


If you have your own gear that is at least to a similar standard to ours then you are welcome to use it instead.


Users will need to provide: their own cutlery (or use the Spork), food, drinking materials, spare head torch batteries (3 of AAA), screw fitting gas canister (Coleman/Primus etc 100 for an overnight or 250 for 2 or more nights these have lasted for 4 nights +, but take a spare just in case), and personal hygiene materials.  Normal personal walking gear will also need to be taken, but it isnít necessary to duplicate anything.  An anti-midge head net and insecticide spray (be careful with DDT based sprays as they dissolve plastic) may also be useful (understatement). 


Either boil in the bag or freeze dried meal packs are ideal, and neither particularly heavy.  Enough for an evening meal, late snacks, and breakfast per day.  You will also need the makings of your choice of hot drinks.  Multi day trips need lunch as well as the above.  Be warned the first day you are living off what you ate the day before, multi-day trips need to re-load of the order of a minimum 2,500 to 3,000 calories per day, especially if it is cold. 


Some tips for best practise can be found on the Outdoor Adventures website


Multi- day Camping


Remember that you will possibly use up to twice the amount of gas per day compared to a simple overnight stay, as you will be making snacks and drinks en-route.  Calories will be important do not skimp.  For the first day lunch can be normal sandwiches etc, and make sure you have enough food for at least one extra meal on the afternoon of the last day as a reserve!  Remember that the ascents are cumulative over the whole route.  The routes are generally on tracks of some sort or other.  A change of socks each day is recommended as your feet do the walking!  Your first aid kit needs to be enhanced with common medications, these should include: ibuprofen, paracetamol, soluble aspirin, loperamide (for diarrhoea), dioralyte (rehydration), ranitidine (for heartburn/indigestion), piriton (antihistamine).   Obviously apart from food, fuel for cooking is variable, notes on fuel usage available at this link or via the equipment section.  Various food options (not exhaustive) are listed on this page with links to some new suppliers.


Essential sundry items to include are spare cigarette lighters (even if empty will usually still spark), spare fuel canister, spare torch and camera batteries, repair kit such as duct tape, tenacious tape, cable ties, boot laces.  Something else useful is a small towel and something lightweight suitable for wading to avoid getting the inside of boots wet!  Bridges may be shown on maps but that doesn't mean they are usable or even standing.  Sometimes the best camping pitch site may be on the other side of a river.