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What is the best way to pack a pack?

Your pack can withstand a great deal of weight due to its quality build and design. It is recommended however, that you pack your pack correctly to ensure there isn’t an uneven weight being carried on your back. Please find instructions on how to pack your pack below.

When packing your pack, you want the pack to adopt a tall, thin profile. To achieve this, be sure to use the red internal compression strap and compress the contents solidly using the external compression straps.

Remember to maintain side-to-side balance as well – a pack that leans over to one side places excessive pressure on your spine and irritates your shoulders. Make a point of getting as much gear inside the pack as possible.

Odds and ends strapped on all over the outside of the pack wreak havoc with balance, especially if they are free to swing around. Finally, the top pocket has a tendency to become the repository for many, many small items that add up to significant weight and often make the pack distinctly top-heavy – be careful!



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