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Blairgowrie and District Next Steps




Wednesday (Stride for Life) Walks 2020


Wednesday walks are short duration low-level sometimes urban walks.  They are intended as starter and social activities, and are designed to allow people the opportunity to get fitter prior to undertaking more serious and extended walks in more remote countryside as they wish.  As well as 'walking and talking' there are refreshments afterwards.  If you are new to East Perthshire these walks are an ideal way of finding out about the area and making new friends.  

This is a programme run by volunteers from the  Blairgowrie and District Next Steps walking group, assisted by Strathmore and the Glens Rural Partnership - a partnership approach to promote walking in our area.

The programme of events is open to all.  Meet at Parish Church Hall (note new venue), James Street 9.15am, walks commence approx 9.30am (leaders please try to be there for 09:00).


Due to the Covid 19 pandemic with immediate effect our walking programme is suspended.  This will be kept under review and adapted as more information becomes available. 


A downloadable schedule of the Wednesday Walks (pdf) is available by clicking this link.


If you have any fitness concerns or queries please consult your GP, the leaders are experienced first aiders but not necessarily medical experts. 


Summer hols break up 1st July, go back 19th August







Ardler Meigle




Glamis Hunter's Hill




Muirward Wood Scone




Dunkeld Hermitage




Tullybaccart Northballo Hill




ISD No Walk




Blackcraig Forest




White Loch




Newtyle Railway Walk




Kirkmichael - Enochdu




Cargill's Way




Dunkeld Inver Birnam






Weather dependant


Tentsmuir Forest



Please note that there is no guarantee of a bus place unless pre-booked.


There will be at least two walks per session (see below).  One suitable for those who prefer a slow pace, which will cover less distance, and another which will cater for a medium and/or fast pace covering a greater distance.  Because of the time constraints is not possible for slow walkers to have a particularly long walk on this schedule, but it is possible by special arrangement.


All times are approximate and will depend on weather, ground conditions and speed of walking, and include an allowance for the bus journey and refreshments.


As we operate as a guided group, participants are asked not to spend a lot of time photographing or excessively delaying progress.  Everybody will be waiting while you do so!


Registration  All of these events are open to all, however those coming for the first time are required to complete a registration form and brief health questionnaire.  If in any doubt about your fitness for a walk please consult your GP or other medical advisor.  The walk leaders are appropriately qualified outdoor first aiders but this is not a substitute for qualified medical advice from a health practitioner.  Children and Vulnerable Adults must always be accompanied by an adult carer.  In order to minimise inconvenience and in consideration for all the participants everyone is expected to abide by our code of conduct.  We may ask you for a letter from your GP if you are or have suffered from a significant condition. 


Medical  It is extremely important for your own safety that if you feel unwell during a walk that you advise the leader in charge.  Our walk leaders all hold a minimum of a valid outdoor first aid qualification.  While the organisers are very experienced and also hold advanced first aid certificates they are no substitute for advice from a medical practitioner, and can only advise based on their experience of running outdoor fitness activities.


Duration  It is expected that walks will have returned to Blairgowrie by 12:30.  However depending on bus journey timing, speed of walking due to inclement weather, scenery viewing and so on, the exact finish times cannot be predicted.  


Walks  There will usually be a choice of at least two walks, differentiated by the speed of the group.   Every week there will be a slow walk and at least one faster one.  As the walks are intended to fit in to a period of between 45 minutes and 1 hours the fast walk will cover a longer distance.  The slow walk is specifically intended for those who cannot maintain a fast walking pace, who do not wish to go as far, or have difficulty in negotiating steep or less than even paths.  The faster walk may have an alternative cut off point to allow those who wish to walk at an intermediate pace the option of returning earlier, but this cannot be guaranteed and depends on the location of the walk and the availability of walk leaders.  Easier shorter walks can be arranged depending on leader availability.  It is possible for very easy town walks to be undertaken as well.  Carers may need to accompany the participants on these walks.  Leaders are not qualified as carers for vulnerable people.  In the event that there are insufficient leaders on a particular day the walk wll be one suitable for all who have turned up.


Everyone is welcome to try whichever walk they wish, however if you find you have difficulty keeping up or are not sure of your own capabilities please go on a slower walk first.


Bus  Most walks require the use of a bus, however to ensure that we can provide sufficient spaces it is essential that participants book in advance.  There is no guarantee of a space otherwise.  If a minibus is indicated above this is for the short/slow route walkers only.  First priority for any bus seats unfortunately has to go to those who have booked a seat in advance.  It is often the case that people who have booked do not turn up, so if you wish to take a chance you are welcome to come along, but please do not be disappointed if we cannot fit you in.  We can accommodate 49 people without prior arrangements.


Assisted Access  Some walks are buggy and wheelchair friendly (possibly requiring some assistance).  We ask that participants phone any of the walk leaders in advance for advice.


Clothing  Please wear appropriate footwear and warm and/or waterproof clothing to suit the expected conditions.  If you are not appropriately dressed for your own safety we may have to ask you to stay behind.


Refreshments  There will be time for a coffee and chat at the end of each walk, but participants are responsible for bringing their own meals or snacks during the walk if these are required.


Charges  There is a fee of 5 per event per independent person.  For this fee participants have the use of the Parish Church Hall, tea/coffee and transport as appropriate.  Carers accompanying a vulnerable person only pay 1 per walk.  Children of pre-school age are free, school children 2.  We may need to limit the numbers of concessionary places depending on bus seat availability.  We also run various fund raising schemes to help pay for the facilities.  Due to the facilities in the Church Hall participants are asked to help clean the kitchen and hall after use.  If yiou bring your own cup then it also helps with cleaning up afterwards.


Cancellation  If there are insufficient numbers pre-registering or for other matters outwith the organisers control, the right is reserved to cancel, re-schedule or relocate the walk.  As much notice as possible will be given, but this may not always be possible.  In the event of any changes fees paid for any pre-booked walks are refundable or transferable to a different date and event.

These events are intended to be fully socially inclusive.  If you need any further information or wish to discuss any matter relating to this or confidential medical matters please phone Nick or Sue on 01828 640763.

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