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Some interesting and intriguing photographs 2019

Nick Cole (except where stated)

   Hamish Henderson artwork on Bad an Loin, Spittal of Glenshee.   12/11/19

   Wood ants (Formica sensu stricto) and nest near where we had lunch!   24/10/19

On BaDNS facebook page is a video of the damsel flies.   22/8/19

   Green Lestes (Lestes sponsa) damsel fly near Fordie Hill.   22/8/19

   A mating pair of Black Sympetrum (Sympetrum danae) near Fordie Hill.   22/8/19

   Fossilised tree formation embedded in rock in Glen Freuchie.   20/8/19

   4/7/19   Liz Chisholm

   Inside the observer corps bunker at Kirkton of Glenisla.   4/7/19

   A dryrock wall near Stonyford, Glen Lethnot!   25/6/19

   Probably a Green-Winged Orchid (Orchio Morio).  Near Ballyoukan Forest.   13/6/19  

   Swedish Whitebeam (Sorbus Intermedia).   Near Loch Broom.  11/6/19

   Oak Eggar Moth (Lasiocampa Quercus).   Near Loch Broom.   11/6/19

   Palmate newt (Lissotriton helveticus) these had webbed hind feet which is a sign of a male ready for mating during the season the ones we saw on Tuesday (21st) were probably the same but as they were on their own in odd pools were not in mating mood!   23/5/19

   Palmate newt.   23/5/19

   Palmate newt.   23/5/19

   Great Diving beetle (dytiscus marginalis).   23/5/19

   Dragonfly larva, one of several including one eating a tadpole, which swam away as soon as I tried to photograph it.  Assumed to be a damselfly because of its size, but its appearance is more akin to a dragonfly having yet to go through several more moults prior to emerging as adult.  23/5/19

   Possibly a Devil's Coach Horse (staphylinus olens) larva.   23/5/19

   Common newt (Lissotriton vulgaris; formerly Triturus vulgaris) one of several in different pools in Grandtully Forest.   Assumed to be a common (or smooth) because of a lack of webbed hind feet, but its size suggests it is in fact a Palmate newt which only develops the webbed feet when ready for mating. The three 'tailed' insect we saw was a mayfly nymph.   21/5/19

   St Mary's Chapel, Grandtully.   21/5/19  Liz Chisholm


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