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Some interesting and intriguing photographs 2018

Nick Cole (except where stated)

   Brockenspectre and cloud ring above Glen Brerachan.   4/12/18

An interesting range of trees growing out of rocks above Straloch.   13/11/18

   There is a squirrel here, beside the North Esk at Edzell.   1/11/18

To put the amount of snow that can accumulate into context, here is a photo taken during our Ben Nevis trip in May 2010 compared to a summit photo this week:


   Sexton Beetle (Nicrophorus vespilloides).   14/8/18

   Silver Birch growing out of the stump of something else long dead near David Baird's monument.   9/8/18

   Small caddis fly larvae in the River Earn app 1.5cm long.   9/8/18

   Water snails in the River Earn.   9/8/18

   Alive this time a peacock butterfly (aglais io) on blaeberry (vaccinium myrtillus) (the berries were once taken as a remedy for diarrhoea) on Craig a Barns summit.   2/8/18

   Dead fox moth caterpillar hanging by it's hind legs.  An unusual sight!   Near Loch Ordie.   31/7/18

   A dead pigmy shrew, being recycled by a wasp.   26/7/18

   Seen on a path near Milquhanzie Hill.  Still trying to identify it but it would appear to belong to the genus Silphidae, (which includes all the burying beetles such as the Sexton).  The unusual pro-thorax being copper coloured does not seem to appear in any of the research documents.   24/7/18  4/9/18 Update:  This is a Red-breasted Carrion Beetle, (Oiceoptoma thoracicum).

   The camera kept focussing on the grass and water so apologies for the out of focus.  L to R.  (1 and 2) Dragonfly (not sure of the species) having recently emerged from its nymph case and hardening its wings,  whirligig beetles (Gyrinus natator) and water boatman (Corixa punctata), mating damsel flies, again not sure of the species due to the focus.   In a pond near Gorthy Wood.   19/7/18

   Cloudberry (rubus chamaemorus) berry, (made up of a number of usually 5 to 25 drupelets).   In Scotland it is also known as averin or evron).  Being a rubus it is related to raspberries and is a member of the Rose family.   10/7/18

   The Prince's Stone.  Prince Albert slept the night in a wooden hut here in 1857.   10/7/18

   Round leaved sundew (drosera rotundifolia).   10/7/18

   A great diving beetle.   (Dytiscus marginalis).   28/6/18

   In the same pond as the diving beetle (and not a lot else unsurprisingly) several common (or smooth) newts.   (Lissotriton vulgaris).   28/6/18

   A mass of tadpoles making the transition to froglets (not in the same pond as the diving beetles).   28/6/18

   Caddis fly larva (of the order Trichoptera) there are about 14,500 sub species so no idea which one this was!   28/6/18

   A spider nest, no spiderlings to be seen yet, mum hid just as I got close.   28/6/18

   Wood Tiger (parasemia plantaginis) on East Lomond.   21/6/19

   A sunbow, on Dunsinane Hill.   17/5/18

   A common lizard (Lacerta Zootoca vivipara - the vivipara means it gives birth to live young not this one though as it is probably a male) sunning itself on the track, right where it would get run over or trodden on.  Rescued and put on a less warm patch of sunny grass.  It looks as though it has had to re-grow its tail at some time.   8/5/18

   A squirrel's drey in Glen Mark.   3/5/18

   A male adder (OE nadder), in upper Glen Mark.  Waiting for some even more interesting ones from Hanne!   3/5/18

   So that those at the back could see an adder for themselves, some didn't realise they were that big!  This was only a male, females are bigger.   3/5/18   Pictures of Nick's hand and snake by Hanne.

  A fog of water vapour being blown off the evaporating snow on Mildewan Hill.   17/4/18

   Mating toads in Glen Moulzie.   12/4/18

   Possibly inonotus radiatus.  A form of hymenochaetaceae.  Rare, inedible, and sporulates in late summer and autumn.  Though may be not!   Craig Vinean Forest.   5/4/18










   Pine marten.   18/1/18

   Another pine marten.   18/1/18

  A buzzard looking for scraps.   18/1/18

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