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What some of us get up to along the way!


Photos Nick Cole (except where stated)

  Haven't seen him in a long while, and even longer now!   7/11/19   Liz Chisholm

   1,000th walk celebration.   7/11/19   Liz Chisholm


   Caving on top of The Snub.   1/10/19   Pat Fraser

   Happy birthday for the glorious day last week Pat.   20/8/19   Hanne Anton and Irene Rintoul

   Someone fell in the grass!   20/6/19

   The joys of wildlife photography.   Pat had her camera out waiting (... Just a bit further ............SPLASH!!!!!!), sadly disappointed.   23/5/19   Pat Fraser

   Liz Chisholm 21/5/19

   No unauthorised access for normal people.   21/5/19

   a'body's Wullie?   25/4/19   Pat Fraser

   What a handsome fellow!   11/4/19   Hanne Anton

   Here we go again, a bit windy today.   26/3/19   Hanne Anton


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