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Blairgowrie and District Next Steps


What some of us get up to along the way!


Chris's Promise

Although I will walk as fast as I can,

I won't streak ahead like 'Rocket Man',

And I'll make a pledge to leader Nick Cole,

To not forge ahead and hide in a hole!

Photos Nick Cole (except where stated)

   Haven't had one of these for a while, Compo, Clegg and Nora (or is it Miranda?).   9/8/18

   Was it something we said?  Honestly we all smell the same after a walk!   Billy No-Mates.   31/7/18

   Neale went over to look at the old goats (as he said).  Ended up with two nannies and a billy!   26/7/18

   For some reason all the flies were around Liz!  I think that was a rude gesture she was making when I got my camera out!   10/7/18

   There's always one!  Spot what is wrong.   5/7/18

   Somebody thought that we were crossing a river to a beach!   4/7/18

  Welcome to my flock!   Meall Tarsuinn walk.   15/5/18 Hanne Anton

   Where it is not a good idea to walk!   26/4/18 Hanne Anton

   Who're you looking at?   19/4/18

   A big boy!   19/3/18

   Chomp, chomp.   20/3/18   Liz Chisholm

   Some people are easily pleased.  Guess what they were doing.   20/3/18

   Charlie making sure he can be seen from the rear.   22/2/18

Crossing one of several ditches at Glenmarkie.   18/1/18

   Cheep, cheep.   2/1/18   Liz Chisholm

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