Alyth Toon

by Doreen Richmond


Alyth is a bonnie place, its whar I want tae be,

A burn that has ten bridges, is there for a tae see,

The toon that I was born in, its whar Ill live an dee,

Its just a wee bit plaicie, but its a the world tae me.


Awa back in the auld days, it was a busy toon,

The shuttles rattled tae an fro, the spinnin wheel spun roon,

The men an women side by side, a stanin at their loom,

They worked their fingers tae the bone, tae earn a half a croon.


There was an auld woolmarket, whar a the traders gaed,

It even had a factory, whar tasty jam was made,

A mill that washed the sheep wool, wi water fae the lade,

Its no that I can mind a that, but thats what granda said.


But I mind fine the laundry, at the bottom o the brae,

An tae the roarin gas works, wi weet socks wi wad gae,

When cowpin aff the steppy stanes, as in the burn wed play,

A place for great adventures, we were in it every day.


The toon hall had the pictures, an o the seats were sair,

But if yi selt some jeelie jars, yi could sit wa up the stair,

Then doon the road wed wander, tae the pipe band on the square,

Wi Wullie Duff ahent it, throwin his bonnet in the air.


The big park had a braw stand, tae shelter fae the rain,

An wed sic a bonnie station, whar we could catch a train,

It took us in tae Dundee, an brocht us hame again,

But they things are awa noo, theres nane o them remain.


Weve even lost oor horseshow, it was a grand affair,

Wi horse an harness on parade, yi couldna ask for mair,

The judges they were oot in force, pickin oot the bonniest pair,

An hundreds came fae far an wide, just tae stop an stare.


Noo, weve seats an flower borders, up on the square tae see,

An lots o bonnie hooses, whar train tracks used tae be,

But Alyths still a braw toon, Im sure yi will agree,

Its still a wee bit plaicie, but its a the world tae me.


 - Doreen Richmond