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Blairgowrie and District Next Steps

Site Updated 20th March 2018


Blairgowrie and East Perthshire Next Steps Walking Group

BaDNS provides a range of weekday walking opportunities supervised by fully qualified walk leaders and first aiders, suitable for most abilities.

There are some spaces available on a Bronze Navigation Award course on 31st March/1st April and a Mountain Training Mountain Skills course on 14th/15th April.

Easy Walks   Moderate Walks   Serious Walks

Our programme of walks range from easy low level or town based starter walks up to very serious extended and remote hill walking, and associated activities.  They are designed to allow people to develop and progress at their own pace reaching whatever standards they set for themselves.  Our programme evolved from the easy and short single walk Stride for Life programme that started in early 2004.  As people gained confidence and fitness many found that they needed more challenges.  This grew so successful that a full range of walks spread over different days had to be developed.  After an initial introduction (on a few Wednesday walks) all participants are welcome (bus seats permitting and subject to the subscription) to take part in whatever walks and activities they are capable of doing. 

Running totals for the moderate and advanced walks

May 2005 to date

Walked: 86,591.5km (53,805.5 miles),

Climbed: 3,352,171m (10,997,903ft or 2,082.9 miles),

 on 8,781 walk places, over 858 walks.

2018 to date Advanced Walks

Walked: 1,172.9km (728.8 miles),

Climbed: 46,308m (151,929ft or 28.8 miles,

 on 117 walk places, over 11 walks.

2018 to date Mid-Level Walks

Walked: 944.9km (587.1 miles),

Climbed: 29,685m (97,391ft or 18.4 miles),

 on 99 walk places, over 8 walks.

Walking is a great way to stay healthy and active.  It benefits weight control, blood pressure, cholesterol, helps to maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints whilst giving you more energy.


Can you prescribe nature?


"All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking."

- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


Blairgowrie and District Next Steps follows the

Scottish Outdoor Access Code

Near Redmyre Loch.
 It looks like Cairn of Claise has grown another several hundred metres!
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Bachnagairn, Glen Moulzie.
The Dacies, Canness Glen.

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